Abandoned Resolutions

Posted on March 7, 2011


Last year, I told myself:

Self, you are going to write this year every day. At least a sentence or two. Or just a thought for a chapter in a novel or something. Anything, really.

But, that resolution {goal} fell apart. Being a mom, a stay at home mom at that, puts sort of a halt on your writing. Sure, you may think what are you talking about? You have alllll the time in the world! But I don’t. And it probably has a lot to do with time management, because I really suck at that.

Well now that a birthday is approaching, I’m asking myself:

What have you accomplished lately?

and I don’t really have an answer. I mean sure, my daughter is a good kid. And she plays well with others, most of the time. And she has manners but I meant what have I accomplished for myself?

It is high time I get back into the writing groove. This is why I created this blog. Okay so I did not create it just now. It is actually an old blog I abandoned a few years ago. It was my very first wordpress blog.