New Shiny!

Posted on March 17, 2011


So I seem to have started the routine where I start a blog and neglect it. Much like I do with housework… but I will continue to try and change that.

The point of this post is to tell you that I got a new shiny story idea. A historical romance! With no vampires! Because honestly, I’m just tired of writing vampires into stories. I always forget who I staked through the night or who caught fire and turned to ash. Poor vampires. I’m going to be doing extensive research on the Victorian Era since that is the time period where my novel begins.

I have no idea what it’s about and my organizational skills suck so I will be using some pointers and ideas a friend has blogged about and plug in my information since it seems that I always misplace a super awesome idea! for a future chapter. What do you use to organize your novel and make everything flow smoothly?

I seem to be in a historical romance reading craze right now and can’t get enough YA Historical Romance books on my to buy/to read shelf so what do you recommend? I’m really really into the 1890s but I read just about any time period as long as it has carriages, corsets, fan flirting, and gorgeous dresses.

One of my inspirations for this new shiny is Love Story by Taylor Swift. While the song is super mega cheesy, I do love the setting, the dresses, and the romance brewing. And the dancing, of course. But shh.. don’t tell anyone.

And thanks to another friend, I have learned how to make time to write. And not to beat myself up if I don’t reach my WC goal. That’s something I’m just simply going to refuse to do from now on. I felt like a failure every time that I set a goal.. say 1K a day… and I only wrote a few hundred words. The point is to write and make a routine to set time to write. Not to beat yourself up. Yesterday? I wrote 120 words. Today? 200 and something. See? No pressure is good.

Note to self: learn how to make a corset

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