A Writing Challenge! #ROW80

Posted on April 1, 2011


Nope, not NaNoWriMo. That’s until November, the crazy emotional month for me. I’m talking about ROW 80 {A Round of Words in 80 Days}. You don’t know what that is? I didn’t either until my friend Alice explained in her post that it’s for.. get this… writers (or people who want to be a writer) who have lives! Sure, it may seem a bit like NaNo, but this challenge? Doesn’t have a word count you should meet every day. And I? I love that part. That is something I can definitely do.

What do I hope to gain out of this? A good (at least not shitty) novel. That isn’t written under lack of sleep because OMG I need to write 26345 words today. Don’t get me wrong. I love NaNoWriMo. That’s how I met a bunch of writer friends that I still talk to. It’s amazing.. that exhilarating feeling of holy crap, I wrote a novel (at least half of one, anyway). So please, don’t say that I’m hating on NaNo, because I do love it. I hope to really set a daily writing routine. As in everyday. I was good for like five days and all of a sudden. BOOM! Life got in the way.

Even if I don’t finish this new shiny (historical romance) during this challenge, I hope to at least make a good dent in it. Including research and drooling over dresses and beautiful castles/mansions from the 1800’s. Of course, if I DO this challenge, there’s a probability I won’t participate in NaNo because I’ll probably do next round of ROW 80. So stick around, and maybe you’ll get a sneak peak of a sex scene or two. Or maybe a chapter if I’m feeling extra confident about it. I will, of course, try not to edit anything until the very last bit (if I finish it) but I AM and WILL finish this one. Because this one? Has kind of stolen my heart a little bit already. And it’s only about a thousand words.

Wanna sign up? you have until April 6th. Think about it. No word count requirements, you can work on something you have already be working on, unlike NaNo. You can rewrite that crappy first novel. You can write a new shiny story. Possibilities are endless!

It starts Monday, by the way!

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