Ever since I was small, iI always loved to immerse myself in books and pretend I was Ramona. I wrote my very first short story when I was in fourth grade. I’ve written many short stories but it wasn’t till 2009 that I started writing novels, thanks to NaNoWriMo. I’ve participated twice now and while it’s an insane ride and most every other word is crap, I still wrote, because I love it. It’s time to finish those damn two novels, edit them and maybe one them put them in my bookshelf with my name written on a hardcover book.

About me? I’m a twenty three year old mother of an almost four year old little girl {Princess N, because duh, she is} and I’ve been married for five years to a guy {The Geek, and I mean that in a loving way} obsessed with fish tanks and Lineage. When I find the time (I know… I totally need time management and a schedule} I bake and I like to make pretty beaded necklaces. Oh, and write, since this will mainly be a writing blog as life of a newbie-ish writer.

Sometimes I contribute at Confessions of a Mom and She is Dallas

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  1. James

    May 16, 2008

    Hi Pamela,

    My name is James Rhyne and I am from Knoxville,TN. I am also happily married, for 18 years, and have a daughter who is 17 going on 35. I recently have had to retire for health reasons and I am just begining to use the Internet and computers. I am also kinda shy to new things but once I get going watch out!

    Your profile was one of a few that poped up when I joined up this site. I am trying to walk my way thru all of this new world I have entered and honestly its a bit overwhelming.

    It sounds like you have begun a wonderful family with your husband and little girl and I wish you all the best. Your time with your child will be awsome. Its amazing how fast life speeds up once you have a child. Cherish each moment.

    Well not to ramble on I just wanted to say hello and maybe we can email from time to time. Please forgive the bad spelling and grammar its just the best this hillbilly can do.


    James thinman714@yahoo.com

  2. I love your site. Keep it up !

  3. Michelle

    April 20, 2009


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    Thanks in advance!


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